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Are you Ready for THE JOURNEY?

This is Big Meach's first book, released May, 2011

Big Meach invites your to excite your senses and challenge your thinking as you read his books, "Awakenings-Epiphanies Along a Spiritual Journey" and it's companion piece "Revelations, Affirmations & Confirmations"

No Time for the Pain

Artwork by Peter Jackson of 5 Mo Artists Detroit.  This is the logo for the play.

"I'll talk to you in my fishy voice so that you will know who I am....YEEESSSS"--- Jackson "Veronica Jean" Dupree

Take a look into the realm of "EDUTAINMENT" as Big Meach shares his first penned play, "No Time for the Pain " with you

Dishing Tea with Big Meach


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Samantha Stephens Divinity


Take a look at what the world of CABARET THEATRE is all about!  Meet my Alter Ego, The Mother of The House of Divinity and Entertainer Extraordinaire

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