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Double XXposure Media Relations


Spearheaded by the Henry Higgins of Hip Hop, Mr. Angelo Ellerbee with over 40+ years in the business teaches his clients about the Dollars and SENSE of the industry. Find out all of the services Double XXposure have to offer!



For your personal intimate experiences and a successful time with you partner, WET keeps you covered!

5 Mo Artists - Pharoahs Treasure Box


11 x 17 Original High Resolution Prints  

From Artist Peter Jackson $20 

 Call  248-688-5178

 Pharoahs Treasure Box - 5 Mo Artists  

Making Art Beautifully Affordable...

Creations By  T.A.P.S.

Meak Productioins, Inc.


The WORLD's FIRST LGBT Talent Agency specializing in providing and cultivating talent from the LGBT Community for all kinds of events, projects, and occasions.  Miko Evans, CEO will  ensure the perfect fit to match your anticipated success.  Register or Inquire today.



 We are a small team of freelance DBAs, web developers, data analysts, SEO specialists and technical writers. Our aim in the market is to provide done-for-you marketing services to busy professionals without their own in-house team.  

The Winning Team with Pastor Don CEO


Winning Team Wednesday is the meeting space and think for the Elite 300 Winning Team members. We are proudly Celebrating 20th Anniversary Successfully Servicing Clients and Customers! For over 20 years we have been working and teaching the CEO’s of tomorrow real business today!