Samantha Stephens Divinity, circa 1993

Samantha Stephens Divinity

Queen of the Witches Council and Heiress to the THRONE of DIVINITY

Saturday, June 5, 1993, I was backstage at the Ms. Amateur Gigi's competition.  I was contestant #3.  Nervous as hell because my mother was in the audience, her best friend Glenda, My best friend/bristah Eubie and his then wife Sherry, and my cousin, the late, great, Ms. Peaches LeFleur, a former Ms. Gigi's. This was the first time that Samantha Stephens came TO BE!  

After a couple of years being an unemployed actor, the need to be on stage was very overwhelming! I needed an outlet so that I can utilize my creativity as well as exercise my yearning to entertain the populace. I gave it my all, Von Jour Reece had created my costumes and I thought I had SOCKED it to them.  I had taken the Velvet Wallpaper from the mansion I was  working in that had become abandoned to make my evening gown and my talent was the LIVE version of "Isn't It a Shame" by LaBelle... Patti had performed it on her "Look to the Rainbow" tour video and I had a DJ friend pull the song from the video and I went to work.  That night, I did NOT place, but later I found out through a calculation error, I was FIRST Runner Up!  

Since that time, I went on to perform across the country, traveled with The Patti LaBelle impersonator, Ms. April Summers, and I've hosted my own club nights.:  "Wacky Wild and Wonderful Wednesdays" at Tiffany's on the Park Bar in Detroit then later with my partner in crime, Raw Silk, we hosted "Silk in the Afternoon" at The Flamingo in Pontiac.  From 1993 to 2008, Samantha Stephens Divinity  was actively working and performing across the country. In 1997, Samantha played the role of "Ms. Marlena" in the stage play, "Punks for the Lovely Children"

I took a hiatus in 2008 when I moved to Atlanta because the scene was not conducive for me at that time, but I had performed at private affairs AND can be seen as "Rose Piere" in the movie "Words to Kill"

Now, coming off hiatus, Samantha is ready to entertain at private functions and is creating a NEW CABARET SHOW that will be announced soon.  She has been recently crowned Ms. Michigan Gay World Elite, 2019.  

Booking Info

To book Samantha at your next event, please feel free to contact me and we design a package to fit your budget. 

Samantha Stephens Divinity at work

Here is a taste of Ms. Samantha Stephens Divinity going to work!  

This is Natalie Cole's "Party Lights" performed in Baltimore, MD for my sistah Helena Hologram's birthday.

A Star is BORN!

Hereis my scene from the movie "Words to Kill" a film project by Mangelo Productions