What is "Dishing Tea with Big Meach"?

How We Got Started

If ever there is a moment where being transparent is EVERYTHING, this is one of them. I've always wanted to get into voiceover work.  Not knowing how to get started, it has only been a dream of mine. But one day, I was on Facebook following one of the Social Organizations  that spotlights the Big Boy LGBT Community, Tha Big Dogs, and they were encouraging people to listen to their radio show broadcast.  I was STUNNED!  The reputation of this organization has been often the topic of many debates and for them to have a radio show kinda got to me and I became immediately JEALOUS----why, I'm still not clear as to how I was feeling that way, but the feeling was real.

So,  I tuned in and this is how I came to discover Blog Talk Radio Network.  At that time, this platform was relatively new and when setting up a profile page, Blog Talk Radio asked if we wanted to sign up as a Listener or as a Host. Here is the kicker,  if you wanted to be a HOST, Blog Talk Radio offered you the opportunity to host your own radio show for up to 1 hours FOR FREE. Well, NATURALLY, I signed up to be a HOST!  

The idea was to use this platform to create my own content and produce a reel to use for auditions for voiceover work. I had found all kinds of commercial copy to recite and perform as my "commercials" for the show. But then, what happened next was the start of what has become a destiny for me. 

July 1, 2009, Dishing Tea with Big Meach went LIVE for the first time and my spiritual mentor and confidante, Elder Claude Bowen, was my guest. The circuits were not BLAZING HO(T, but they were far from being ICE COLD. Soon after, I called upon the few celebrity friends I have  to come on the show, they said "YES".  Then, I had reached out to celebrities and prominent people via Facebook and Twitter, and they said "YES".  Suddenly, what started out as a "stunt" has become a viable platform within  LGBTQ+ media outlets.

Listen LIVE

You can always EXPERIENCE  Dishing Tea wtih Big Meach in a few ways; the most common is to tune in on WEDNESDAYS at 1pm EST  by going to Blog Talk Radio Network OR  you can listen by phone at 347-205-9183.

You can always catch any episode in our archives.  

In addition to that, you can log into my YouTube page and tale a listen there as well.  


Celebrity Friends of Dishing Tea with Big Meach

Listen LIVE at or by phone at 347-205-9183 wednesdays at 1pm est



Dishing Tea with Big Meach is not only a Radio Show, but we have launched our television version of our show!!

November 30, 2019 Dishing Tea-V launched its inaugural episode on a Brand New Channel, BlackGDP TV.