Prostate Health


MOST MEN are afraid of going to the doctor and getting the ole "finger in the rectum" test done, but WE MUST in order to maintain a healhy sex life and to keep from having dysfunctions.

Testicular Cancer


Men must always take care of their testicles, but often times we do not know how or WHY  it is important. This will provide you much needed information.

Low T


This  is a very underrated health issue that we look into very seriously. Often times, Low T is responsible for infertility and other body issues.  

Erectile Dysfunction


This is a VERY SENSITIVE subject that most if not all men who experience this DO NOT wish to talk about, but we must find ways to overcome this issue.

Masculini-TEA Crumpets

This is some valuable information for you to consider

More Crumpets to Dunk

This  video is a real conversation with  STR8 MEN who are speaking from the heart about preference and attraction.  What else do we need to discuss?   Let's create MORE vids like this!!! 

Still Dunking Crumpets

Taking a serious look at how some feel the Black LGBTQ+ Community has evolved. Would you agree with their assessments?  What was NOT discussed?  

Big Boy TEA

Heavy D has always been a POSITIVE reprentative for the MAN OF SIZE both Str8 and Gay.  He was one who showed us how to embrace our size and LOOK GOOD DOING IT until whatever changes we feel needed to happen...happen!!!