This section is dedicated to the HOLISTIC ARTS! 

In this section, we will be providing herbal remedies that will assist you in being in your best overall health.

I want to share with you the things  I have learned over the years that will sustain you without having all of the side effects that modern medicines have. 

Let's elevate our spirits and sooth our minds as we learn to decompress from the stresses of the day in HOLISTIC ARTISRY.  

Share Your "Spells"

If you have some home remedies or holistic treatments you wish to share OR if you are knowledgeable about how to use herbs in their proper formulas to create healing properties, please drop a line and share your info with me. 

Whipping up a brew-ha-ha!! LOL

One must always know what one is doing when whipping up a potion...LOL


Asthma Remedies


If you are one who have to get yoru breathing under control and are TIRED of relying on your rescue inhaler, this is the platform for you.

Holistic Foot Care


If your feet are not feeling GOOD, your entire body is not going to feel its optimum! Your feet are what carries you through the world, so let's take care of them

Throat Care


In a world where we must be heard, our voices must be maintained! Cold season brings about throat problems as well. Here is what you can do to stay up to par!

Sexual Health Care


Folks have been relying on the little blue pill and others like it , but we can find all natural solutions to guarantee asucessful intimate moments.

Essential Healing


These are your tools for healing. Learn how to use these tools to strengthen  and heal your body , mind and spiritual.

This Dr. makes House Calls..

How many times have you needed or wanted to say THIS??? lol