No Time for the Pain

Family ties are shattered and destroyed when fraternal twins, Danielle & Eric, confront one another on the issues of betrayal, infidelity, and HIV.

No Time for the Pain introduces the audience to the world of African American LGBTQ+ culture with the intention of showing our similarities while showing our strength through  our unique differences.  NTFTP grabs the stereotypes by the horns and grabble with them as it shows how this group of people deal with hurt, pain, sorrow, loss, acceptance, body image, love, relationships, and LIFE!! 

No Time for the Pain is not only entertaining but it is an educational tool that will encourage discussion and leave you with a fresh look at a community so greatly misunderstood.

Preview No Time for the Pain

What would YOU do if you found out that your fiance of 7 years was having an affair with your TWIN BROTHER for 5 of those years.  Your twin finds out he is HIV+. You find out you are PREGNANT and HIV+???

Danielle is played by Ciara Brown

Eric is played by Rigardo Rush

Steven is played by Quentin Harris