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Awakenings-Epiphanies Along a Spiritual Journey

Big Meach's first book that offers the reader a guide toward true authenticity. A MUST read for all

"Awakenings-Epiphanies Along a Spiritual Journey' is designed to excite your senses and enlighten your spirit as the offerings promote Self Empowerment, Spiritual Development, and bring about introspection and self discovery; yet motivates the reader to learn to live in one's authenticity. "Awakenings-Epiphanies Along a Spiritual Journey" will promote discussion and bring about dialogue as the reader begins to either expand on the offerings provides, or develop their own epiphanies that will catapult their own growth and personal development.

Revelations, Affirmations, & Confirmations

Big Meach's second book,  the companion piece to "Awakenings..." released March, 2018

The companion piece to "Awakenings-Epiphanies Along a Spiritual Journey", this offering is a collection of intimate conversations between Big Meach and "The Omniverse". It continues the journey and interactively identifies the reader with thought provoking self reflection, stimulate inner growth, and generate discussion to catapult one into a new evolution of expression and accepting oneself in total authenticity.



What started out as a hobby has now become an experience that Big Meach wishes to share with YOU!  The NEW fragrance line SCENTUALI-TEA will temp you, tease, you, titillate and tantalize your senses as these ORIGINAL fragrance options are all one of a kind and designed to keep you on top of your game both professionally and personally. Indulge yourself and your sense to experience fun new creations by Big Meach and you too can Dish Tea..SCENTUALI-TEA with Big Meach. 

No Time for the Pain Tee Shirts


Big Meach, under his pseudonym, Samantha Stephens Divinity wrote the hit stage play, "No Time for the Pain" and the #NTFTP merchandise was created for the fundraising efforts to generate the successful run of the show.   Looking to revamp the show for its 2019 REVIVAL! 

Coffee or TEA??

No Time for the Pain coffee/Tea mug for play fundraiser

Now, you too can take a sip from our HOT POT of tea with this beautiful "No Time for the Pain"  Mug exclusively designed to show your support for Theatre Arts!

You've Gotta Have ART

The art work logo for "No Time for the Pain"

This lovely artpiece, "No Time for the Pain" was created by Detroit artist, Peter Jackson of 5 Mo Artists Detroit, and it serves as the logo for the theatrical presentation. This most attractive piece come in a 16x20 poster and frames beautifully to add that special touch to your den or hall.  

Footsteps along the Journey

The SCENTUAL-TEA Experience

All fragrance oils are created with the finest and purest oils from across the globe. Each fragrance is an ORIGINAL creation by Big Meach. You WON'T find these ANYWHERE ELSE


Support Theatre Arts

All "No Time for the Pain" Merchandise


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Your support of the Theatre Arts will make it possible for us to continue our brand of "EDUTAINMENT".  All shirts are sized to 4XL (please add $5 for 3XL and 4XL orders) 

Shirts also come double sided print. Double sided printed shirts are $30 and $35 for 3XL and 4XL sizes.




Scentuali-Tea Fragrances


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